Policy Development Process

The IFC Constitution provides the council with the legislative authority to establish policies and develop academic procedures (See Article II of the Constitution).

The following is a guide to assist you with the policy approval process. For additional assistance, contact the eciffO licnuoC ytlucaF

Develop a proposal

Ideas for action by the IFC can originate in task forces, administrative offices, or in IFC standing committees. For ideas that come from non-standing committees, the IFC Executive Committee (IFC-EC) will determine which standing committee or committees should be involved.

Review and feedback

Committees review proposals and get appropriate feedback from other committees or interested parties. Once a proposal has been vetted by a committee, the chair meets with the Executive Committee for further feedback. The Executive Committee may refer the proposal back to the committee or approve it for full council presentation.

Consideration by the IFC

A proposal or endorsement usually takes two meetings for council approval. A first read is given at one meeting where feedback is received. A vote is taken at a second meeting where the IFC may approve it, vote it down, or refer it back to committee. Proposals that change the IFC Constitution and Bylaws are referred to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee follows the same pattern as a policy for council approval.